WLF 2018

WLF 2018 | October 6th

1:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies Building(SGIS), IUB Campus

Program Brochure(PDF)

"Dark Side Tribal",Belly Dance, 2018 WLF, Opening Ceremony Performance

"Dark Side Tribal",Belly Dance, 2018 WLF, Opening Ceremony Performance

A Hands-on Learning Experience of language and Culture!

 This event targets IU as well as Indiana middle school and high school students, teachers, and parents to explore the opportunities IU offers in foreign language and cultural education. Throughout the festival, you will experience firsthand the many languages and cultures from all over the world in a fun and relaxed way. You will also have many chances to use your foreign language skills to interact with native speakers as well as acquire some new ones.

50 workshops or performances sessions were held during the one day event, covering languages and cultures from Chinese, Japanese, Korean to Kinyarwanda and Yoruba.

Keynote Speech " Dimitri Karamazov Changed My Life"
Will be addressed by

Dr. Padraic J. Kenney

Professor of History and International Studies
Director, Collins Living and Learning Center
Indiana University


Opening Performances

Part 1: Greetings, (from 2:25)Yoruba Dance and Poetry
Part 2: Keynote Speech, (from 13:28) Dancing "Dark Side Tribal"
Part 3: Zulu Chant Songs and (from 4:30) Kazakh National Dance
Part 4: Uyghur Folk Songs and Capoeira Regional