Free Bag Challenge! Extended

Here’s how to earn a free WLF Virtual Academy drawstring bag (while supplies last):

WLF free string bag


Get a free bag by enrolling in the self-paced WLF Virtual Academy in Canvas and completing one of the following tasks now by May 10th, 2024: 

1) Earn the “Global Sightseer” badge (complete lessons in at least 3 different languages)

2) or the “World Language and Culture Challenger badge (complete 5 lessons in any language) .

Forward the email proof that you earned the badge to, and you’ll receive a free World Language Festival drawstring bag, featuring our updated design!

Not able to complete a badge before May 10?

Complete either of the two full badge pathways and forward us the email proof:

1) “World Language & Culture” pathway (15 total lessons) 

2) “Jetsetter” pathway (10 different languages)

…and earn a free WLF bag at any time (while supplies last).

If you live in Bloomington, you can come collect your bag from us in Ballantine Hall. Otherwise, we can ship it to you anywhere in the U.S. at no cost to you. (Sorry, we cannot ship rewards outside of the U.S. at this time.) 

Good luck! 


  1. If you are new to WLF Virtual Academy, please remember to register and enroll WLF at Canvas. 
  2. Before you start to build up your badge gallery, please refer to the lesson list to pick up one of your most interested course
  3. For more details about badges, please read this page | or download the PDF version.